My Writing

I write Fantasy and Urban Fantasy, although the only award-winning writing I have would be classified as Horror.  It was the winner of the 2010 Flash Fiction contest from the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference titled “Alive”.  The contest had the stipulation that the words, “it’s the economy”, be used in the story and it be 100 words or less.

I have also finished the first book of my series on spy Scott Caan, an American agent who has magic items (think James Bond with magic).


The ribs were ready.  He’d boiled then smoked them this time, hoping to improve the flavor.  He took a bite.  Much better than the previous batches he’d made.

He ate in silence.  A single bulb illuminated the table.  He could barely afford the tasteless bread that went with his meal.  Forget paying for extra electricity to power his radio.

Would they find out?  If they did, what would they say?  Would they call him a monster?  At this point he didn’t care.  He had to eat.  If anyone ever asked him why, he’d tell them the truth.  It’s the economy.


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